Russia has a new rugged SUV that looks like a mix between the original Hummer H1, the H2, and other more civilian off-roaders. The so-called Strela (Russian for “arrow”) has been designed for law enforcement agencies, as well as for the domestic civilian market.

Not many details are official, though, fortunately, our Russian team checked out the machine in person right after its debut at the ongoing international Army-2021 military-technical forum in Russia. There, our colleagues were able to learn the SUV is 5,090 millimetres (200.3 inches) long and 2,350 mm (92.51 in) wide, and has a 1,900-mm track (74.8-in). With a weight of approximately 3,500 kilograms (7,716 pounds), the Strela can carry up to 900 kg (1,984 lbs) of cargo and five people sitting on five separate seats.

Gallery: Strela SUV

In contrast to the new GMC Hummer, which will rely solely on electric energy, the Strela is powered by a 2.8-litre Cummins diesel engine with 157 bhp (117 kilowatts). Mated to a six-speed manual gearbox, the engine sends power to all four wheels. Or, at least, that’s on paper as the concept shown in Russia had a rear-wheel-drive layout. The projected maximum speed is 75 miles per hour (120 kilometres per hour).

As the editor present at the forum found out, at the moment, this is only a running prototype, which hasn’t even been tested in real-life conditions yet. The experimental status of the SUV is also reflected in the build quality, which doesn’t seem to be especially high.

In fact, the production version of the model may be completely different in some aspects as it may be based on the Gazelle Next series of medium duty vans and trucks produced by GAZ. If this happens, the engine, transmission, suspension, and a significant part of the interior could be borrowed from the existing vehicle

Designed jointly by the Military-Industrial Company (MIC) and the Design Bureau of Youth (KBM) at the Moscow State Technical University, the prototype example of the Strela has a removable top at the back. The creators are considering a whole family of high-riding vehicles, including an SUV with a fixed roof, a seven-seat version, as well as trucks with different cabins.

Gallery: Strela SUV