In May this year, Kimera Automobili resurrected the legendary Lancia 037 with a very special restomod project dubbed the EVO37. At the time, the company announced it will produce just 37 examples of the sports car, and it seems that deliveries are already underway. An example of the EVO37 was recently filmed on camera during the 2021 Passione Engadina event in Switzerland.

The NM2255 Car HD Videos channel on YouTube brings this eight-minute video to our attention, showing us footage with one of the 37 units planned for production finished in silver exterior colour. It's a different car compared to the red one presented in May this year. All we can say is that it looks and sounds absolutely amazing and definitely brings back memories of the original sports car from Lancia.

Gallery: Kimera Automobili EVO37

Part of the magic comes from the fact that the restomod retains the 2.1-litre four-cylinder engine of the original. Heavily modified and re-engineered, the inline-four unit now delivers 505 bhp (377 kilowatts) and 406 pound-feet (550 Newton-metres) of torque. Mated to a manual gearbox, the engine sends power to the rear wheels, just like the original Lancia 037.

The performance upgrades don’t end up here, though. Öhlins is responsible for the quadrilateral suspension, while, depending on the specification, Brembo can provide carbon-ceramic brakes. The entire body, which is a little longer than the original Lancia, is made of carbon fibre and there’s visible carbon fibre in different places, including the front fascia and the dashboard. Of course, all exterior lights are now LEDs.

If you like what you see, prepare to spend a lot on the new EVO37. We don’t have information about whether there are still available units, but if there are any, you’ll have to fork out at least €480,000 or around £350,000 at the current exchange rates.