The organisation in charge of the UK’s motorways and major A-roads says it wants drivers’ views on future road investment. National Highways, the government-run company formerly known as Highways England, claims driver input will help it “inform the long-term vision of the future”.

An online tool has been developed by the organisation, allowing it to look at public feedback. The system will also get feedback from local government and other transport authorities, which National Highways says will “inform the government’s decisions on future road investment”.

National Highways says the feedback received online will be combined with the comments from a range of other “stakeholders”, and will be put to use in future investment plans. The data collected will inform the next Department for Transport (DfT) road investment strategy document, which will lay out plans for 2025 to 2030.

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The online tool will be available until November 30, and National Highways says drivers should have their say. The organisation says motorists should comment regarding any topic that’s important to them, from issues at a point on the motorway network to more general feedback about national issues.

According to the newly formed organisation’s executive director for strategy and planning, Elliot Shaw, the arrival of the new feedback tool is part of National Highways’ plan to “challenge” itself to improve road users’ “experience”.

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“At National Highways we are constantly challenging ourselves to seek out ways to improve the experience of those who use our roads and the communities who live nearby,” said Shaw. “The new easy-to-use online tool provides everyone from commuters, professional road users, nearby residents and community groups to comment.

“I urge you to provide feedback on what is important to you – a specific location on England’s motorways or major A roads, a longer route or general feedback about our road network. This is your opportunity to help inform the long-term vision for the future of our roads.”

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The news comes after National Highways was formed from the erstwhile Highways England. The change of name was announced in mid-August, and was designed to “reflect” the government-run company’s “new focus” on delivering the government’s £27bn strategic roads investment programme, as well as setting “highways standards” for the whole UK.

The company’s new boss, Nick Harris, said he had plenty to be getting on with, but would continue to put road users (which he referred to as customers) at the heart of the operation.

“I am pleased to be taking up the reins at such an exciting time,” he said. “We have achieved a great deal and there is still more to be done. As we deliver the second roads investment strategy ensuring the safety of all road users, the delivery of our work and the benefits to our customers remains at the centre of our organisation.”