In September 2013, a red 1966 Volvo P1800 reached the 3-million-mile mark. It was owned by Irv Gordon, which, for Volvo fans and P1800 devotees, was a legendary name. He was the Guinness world record holder for highest vehicle mileage for non-commercial use. By May 2018, Gordon had hit over 3.25 million miles with his car but sadly, he passed away a few months after.

The record-holding P1800 is now under the ownership of Volvo and still being driven, and Hagerty's latest video aims to take a closer look at the famed classic in memory of its owner for over five decades.

Irv Gordon Logs 3 Million Miles in His 1966 Volvo P1800
Irv Gordon Logs 3 Million Miles in His 1966 Volvo P1800

This is the first time that this particular P1800 was driven by a person outside of Volvo, with Hagerty's Magnus Walker doing the honour and conducting the interview. Talking to the car's mechanic since the early 1980s, the video aims to know Gordon on a personal level. Nino Gambino recounts his over 40 years of friendship with Gordon, even recalling Irv's driving style and punctuality.

For the uninitiated, Gordon's P1800 still has its original engine intact, with only two engine rebuilds and two paint jobs since it rolled out of the factory back in the '60s. 

Thinking about it, Gordon and his car had many memories in between them. Racked up miles after miles, journey after journey, it is the best representation of a bond between a man and his loyal steed.

The video concluded with Walker's take on car ownership, and how cars should be driven rather than be kept inside a garage waiting for their value to shoot up. For what it's worth, we couldn't agree more.