The highway is supposed to function as a highly efficient motorway designed to move large amounts of traffic while minimising opportunities for accidents to occur. But these high-speed portions of pavement aren’t immune from the arrogance of human drivers, which is what happened on a highway exit in Georgia USA as three cars attempt to take the exit at the same time. It didn’t work out for any of them.

Photos of the accident come from the Sandy Springs Police in Sandy Springs, Georgia, where three cars attempted to exit simultaneously, getting stuck between the concrete barrier and the yellow crash divider. Police say the crash is under investigation and that there were no injuries reported, which is good, though it’s unclear who could be at fault from the photos. A GMC Savana is squished between a latest-generation Ford Mustang and a GMC Acadia, with the Mustang’s front passenger tire driven up onto the barrier.

Gallery: Georgia Highway Exit Crash

We can see some of the damage, though it looks like the Mustang may have taken the brunt of it. The photos show the Mustang’s bonnet cracked open a bit at the leading edge, which likely indicates there’s some damage to the front wing/fender. The GMC Savanna shows extensive damage to the front wing/fender, the sheet metal is peeled back, and the turn signal light is damaged, hanging from the front end. We can’t see anything wrong with the Acadia, though we expect its side to be scratched and dented.

Defensive driving is essential in these situations as other drivers might not be as attentive as they should be piloting two-ton hunks of metal at 70 miles per hour. The photos are a reminder to always remain vigilant on the highway because you never know when you’ll find yourself trying to exit the highway alongside three other cars. It can ruin your day, and a lot of other people’s day, too.