Hyundai is sticking to its hydrogen ambitions. The Nexo boasts a range of 380 miles with its hydrogen fuel cell. Unfortunately, it's only available in the UK, US and Australia where there are at least some hydrogen fuelling stations, but perhaps that could be changing. Hyundai will have more to say about hydrogen's future in an online forum on September 7 where, among other things, we'll see a snazzy new hydrogen-powered sports car.

The video at the top of this article is one of three teasers the automaker released on YouTube to promote its Hydrogen Wave forum. Hyundai says the forum will discuss and explore a sustainable hydrogen society for the future, while also offering "revealing insight" into Hyundai's specific ideas for making that happen. As such, the automaker will unveil various plans and strategies for utilising hydrogen, with at least one of those being a sports car or possibly even a full-on race car.

Hyundai Hydrogen Sports Car Teaser
Hyundai Hydrogen Sports Car And Forum Teaser

Being a teaser, we aren't treated to a crystal clear picture of the vehicle. Furthermore, we don't know if this is something planned for production or merely a concept. We suspect it's a concept, and from what we can see, the shape doesn't match anything close in Hyundai's current lineup. The side windows kink upward like the Veloster, but the fastback body is longer with a short front overhang, and it's clearly rear-wheel drive. Or it could be all-wheel drive with a drift mode.

As for Hyundai's other teaser videos, one depicts a hydrogen commercial vehicle embarking on "a long journey of freight." The other hints at an expanded global hydrogen infrastructure by saying "hydrogen is on its way to the world."

Indeed, it seems the major stumbling block to creating widespread hydrogen fuel cell vehicles has been the lack of hydrogen fuelling stations. With such infrastructure in place, refuel times are similar to those of internal combustion vehicles. Hydrogen is also abundant, and the only emissions from the tailpipe would be water.

It will be interesting to see just how ambitious Hyundai is when it comes to a hydrogen future. We should get a taste of that on September 7.