Throughout August, we saw spy shots and videos of Chevrolet testing the Corvette Z06 C8 at the Nürburgring. This was apparently going to include an attempt at setting a record time around the famous course. Unfortunately, crashes and bad weather spoiled things, according to Road & Track.

A BMW M8 was in a significant crash that included rolling and destroying a section of the track's barrier. In addition, a Tesla Model S Plaid wrecked elsewhere on the course. These incidents forced the closure of the 'Ring for cleanup and repairs.

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The Z06 was among 10 cars hoping to lap the track during this two-hour session, but only two of them (a McLaren 765LT and a Cadillac CT5-V) were able to complete a lap, according to Road &  Track. Forecasted rain will likely spoil an upcoming opportunity for Chevy to attempt the lap record.

The next time the track will host industry testing will be in September. Looking on the bright side, the engineers at least have a few weeks to make the necessary tweaks to the Z06 based on the testing during the month.

Chevy plans to debut the new Z06 on October 26, 2021. Being able to proclaim a 'Ring record would be great for the new model's marketing. Sales don't begin until 2022.

The leading rumour is that the Z06 has a 5.5-litre naturally aspirated V8 with dual-overhead camshafts and a flat-plane crankshaft. The power figure is allegedly around 617 bhp (460 kilowatts), and the redline could be as high as 9,000 rpm. The output runs through a Tremec-sourced automatic gearbox that might have a magnesium case.

The Z06 also gets a more aggressive body. Some examples are testing with a large wing, while others have a small spoiler. It's possible the bigger piece could be part of an optional performance package.