Due to supply shortage and other external factors, almost all of Mercedes-AMG’s V8 models will sit out the upcoming 2022 model year. This difficult situation will thankfully not affect Aston Martin who uses Mercedes-AMG sourced V8s across its model lineup. Aston Martin told Car and Driver that they have plenty of V8s to satisfy the growing demand for Aston Martin’s across the globe.

In 2021 it’s harder than ever to find and purchase a V8-powered vehicle. Thanks to stricter emissions regulations, increasing fuel costs, and now supply shortages, auto manufacturers are feeling the pressure. Large multi-billion dollar companies can only do so much to keep V8 engines on dealership lots and in the case of Mercedes-AMG, it is about to face some tough times.

Car enthusiasts may see V8s as exciting performance engines, which is correct, but for Mercedes-AMG customers, they also represent a prestigious purchase. The AMG version of a vehicle in the Mercedes-Benz lineup is a way for customers to purchase the very best version of the vehicle they desire and a massive profit centre for the German luxury brand.

Mercedes-AMG confirmed that for the 2022 model year you will not be able to purchase a Mercedes-AMG powered by a V8 outside of the Maybach G-Wagon lineup. This also holds true for Aston Martin who stated they have all the V8s they need to keep production moving along. So if you want a Mercedes-AMG V8 all you need to do is purchase a new V8-powered Aston Martin.

Aston Martin sold around 2500 V8-powered vehicles powered by the Mercedes-AMG V8 so it's not a huge quantity to engines to supply. This stability in Aston Martin’s lineup is critical to help the luxury brand continue to grow even in these uncertain times.