Just this past week, we saw a bunch of deranged drivers blocking off a busy highway in the US to perform "donuts" – courtesy of the Reddit thread r/IdiotsInCars. Now, here's another one, and it's an unfortunate accident behind the wheel, captured and posted on the same Reddit thread.

As you can see in the embedded video below, a Supra was totally out of control, sliding at speed on an empty (thankfully) street. It ended with the coupe hitting the curb, which, even without confirmation, would probably have wrecked the car based on the intensity of the impact.


According to the original poster, it was a brand new stock Toyota Supra, which the young driver tried to show off at the car meet. It wasn't clear whether the driver was trying to drift on a straight road, or as some of the commenters pointed out, the driver lost control when he went full throttle after a sharp right, which led to a series of unfortunate events.

More importantly, the Supra was allegedly a loaned dealership car, which the kid tried to pass off as his car – no wonder this was posted under the said subreddit, but it seems like there's a different story behind it.

Auto Club YEG, the organiser of the car meet, posted a video on its Instagram in light of the accident that happened the night prior. A representative of the Canadian car club from Alberta tried to air its side, explaining that the Supra wasn't a loaner and that it's their car (almost). He provided some more explanations within the 13-minute video, which is embedded at the bottom of this article. And as everyone suspects, the yellow Supra will be a write-off.

We'll never know the real score behind this accident but one thing's for sure, showing off is inevitable but it also comes with a huge responsibility, especially if the car you're using is more than you can handle.