Maintaining a strict maintenance schedule doesn’t guarantee a vehicle’s longevity, though it certainly doesn’t hurt it. Regular oil changes and mindful maintenance can help prolong a car’s life, allowing it to accumulate hundreds of thousands of miles or more. This 1991 Honda CRX Si is one of those special vehicles, racking up over one million miles. Tampa Honda in Tampa, Florida USA owns the car, and you can see it on display there today.

The classic Honda first went on display at the dealer back in 2015 when the owner lent the hatch to the business, said Sadakut Ali, a 17-year Tampa Honda veteran. At the time, the dealer posted a photo to its Facebook page announcing that the car had driven 1,002,473 miles. The green sticker across the windscreen shows that the car accumulated one additional mile before going on display. It’s a staggering amount of miles that equates to going from the Earth to the moon and back twice.

Gallery: 1991 Honda CRX Si

The car still has its original interior, though the previous owner had the exterior repainted about eight or nine years ago. However, the interior isn’t the only thing original about the car. According to the dealership, the car still has its original engine and transmission, a five-speed manual thanks to the Si trim upgrade. Honda paired it with a 1.6-litre four-cylinder that made 105 bhp (78 kilowatts) and 98 pound-feet (132 Newton-metres) of torque when it was new.

The 1991 Honda CRX Si that’s on display at Tampa Honda is a reminder that you don’t have to get rid of a car just because it has accumulated a significant number of miles. The dealer has no plans to sell the pristine CRX Si, and we wouldn’t either. The 30-year-old CRX is an impeccable vehicle that shows how you can drive your car and maintain its like-new appearance. Or at least you can if you bought a Honda. Check it out the next time you’re in Tampa.