Filming high-speed action scenes requires a high-speed camera car. Over the years we've seen all kinds of specialised autos designed to capture exceptional angles, but this new Ferrari 488 Challenge camera car built by UK-based Ralle could be the fastest of them all.

Unveiled for the 2021 British Motor Show at Farnborough, the bespoke Ferrari was built in just seven days. Ralle partnered with Talos Vehicles to bring it to life, which might seem an odd combination to those familiar with Talos. The company specialises in bespoke trucks and lightweight attack vehicles for military use, but they also field a race team with a Ferrari 488 that looks suspiciously like this new camera car.

Gallery: Ferrari 488 Challenge Camera Car

Details of the build or the camera aren't mentioned, but the small film company has a strong reputation for capturing some intense automotive action shots. It's unclear what kind of filming situations in the auto world require a camera moving upwards of 200 mph, but hey, if it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing, right?

"We have been exploring different means to capture unique, high-speed shots for some time, and our Ferrari tracking car is the result of weeks of planning and adjustments," said Ralle Founder Jimmy Howson. "It's an exciting time for #ralle as we hope to take our skills and brand reach to a range of new audiences at Farnborough and beyond!"

We aren't aware of a specific world record benchmark regarding the fastest dedicated camera car. A few years ago we learned about a Lamborghini Huracan fitted with a specialised rig for filming high-speed ground shots, and it's held the unofficial title of world's fastest camera car since. Depending on the Huracan model, Lamborghini lists a top speed of 202 mph, technically ever-so-slightly slightly faster than the 488 Challenge. Of course, the camera rigs take a bite from those speeds so in a race, we suspect it would be a toss-up as to which car crosses the line first.


But what a race that would be. Perhaps these two camera-equipped supercars should meet at a runway and put both their cars and their gear to the test?