The Volkswagen Touareg isn't available in all markets, but the model lives on elsewhere. If you can remember back in 2004, VW offered it with a burly V10 TDI diesel. Diesel engines aren’t associated with being fast, but they are powerful. A new video from the TopSpeedGermany YouTube channel has one example, and the driver took it for a top speed run on the German Autobahn.

The Touareg is a portly beast designed to carry families and cargo, tipping the scales at over 2,630 kilograms (5,800 pounds). Under the bonnet is a 5.0-litre V10 diesel that produces 313 bhp (233 kilowatts) and 553 pound-feet (750 Newton-metres) of torque. However, even with its immense size, it was still quick, capable of hitting 60 miles per hour (96 kilometres per hour) in just under eight seconds. Impressive for something so large.

Gallery: 2021 VW Touareg R

In the video, the V10 diesel Touareg shows off all of its performance by hitting about 150 mph (240 kph) with remarkable ease. That’s a large surface area to push through the air at that speed, and you can hear the wind noise blasting through the cabin, but it cruises right along well over 124 mph (200 kph) for a majority of the drive. It’s nice to see the traffic move out of the left lane as the big VW approaches, giving it plenty of space to hit its top speed.

The VW Touareg may not be available, for example, in the US anymore, though the company did replace it with the Atlas. The Touareg is available elsewhere today, including the hotter R variant that makes 456 bhp (340 kW) and 516 lb-ft (700 Nm) of torque, which is right on the rear bumper of the 2004 V10 diesel, though the new one is likely much more efficient. VW pairs the Touareg R’s 3.0-litre V6 with an electric motor to make all that power – no torquey diesel required.