Car enthusiasts who say they always obey speed laws are lying. It only takes a few seconds to break the law, and we're not necessarily talking about the latest supercars and hypercars. Take for example this first-generation Subaru Impreza WRX from the 1990s, which needs just a few ticks to put the driver in danger of losing his license should he decide to go flat out.

That's exactly what happened to an 80-year-old man in Australia who was caught by the police doing 113 mph (182 km/h) in a zone where the speed limit is 62 mph (100 km/h). The elderly driver has lost his license for six months and will have to pay a hefty 1,814 AUD fine, which works out to about £955 at current exchange rates.

The octogenarian from Adelaide Plains was pulled over on Wednesday at 2:45 PM local time and lost his license immediately. Going 51 mph (82 km/h) over the speed limit is no joke, and the local police said this type of driving is "of significant concern" in light of recent fatal crashes in the state.

According to the South Australia Police, the driver was caught by a highway patrol on a country road near Alma, which is located about an hour north of Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia.

A statement issued by the local police authorities mentions the number of serious crashes resulting in fatalities has gone up in recent times in the Barossa and Mid North Area. 64 fatalities have been recorded so far this year in South Australia, a worrying 12-percent increase compared to the same period of time last year.

"Highway patrols will continue to have a presence along main arterial roads and highways between rural townships with speed detection, vehicle road-worthiness, drink, and drug driving receiving particular attention."