For the first time in over 30 years, there's a new Lamborghini Countach. It's also the first time ever that Lamborghini revived a nameplate, and with a vehicle as iconic as the original Countach, it's a very big deal. Reimagining an icon is also a very big risk, but for the most part, feedback on Lamborghini's modern Countach has been mostly positive. Mostly.

The biggest criticism we've heard – one that's even debated among the staff – is the lack of a properly big V-shaped wing. Honestly, we're surprised we didn't see new Countach renderings with the recognisable wing moments after it officially debuted on 13 August. The Italian wedge spent the first few years of its life wingless, but the LP400 S makeover in 1978 changed that along with the wheel arch flares and deep-dish wheels with ultra-wide tyres. That's the Countach image the enthusiasts of the world remember.

Lamborghini Countach Rendering

The Sketch Monkey stepped up with the video at the top of this article on 15 August, giving us the wing we were hoping for. There are a few other minor adjustments as well, namely three small strakes beneath the side vent to mimic the 25th Anniversary Countach look. The headlights at the front are positioned lower, and it's hard to miss the pure-retro deep-dish aluminium wheels. Put it all together, and suddenly we have the Countach that the world remembers from the 1980s, looking as fiendish as it sounds.

Lamborghini's inspiration for the new Countach came from the cleaner lines of the early LP400 as well as the Countach prototype. In a world of hypercars packed with contrasting angles and literal wings-upon-wings, the Countach is actually quite refreshing, but seeing this rendering forces us to ask the question you're all thinking.

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Should Lamborghini have pulled more from the 1980's Countach look? It's the design immortalised in movies like The Cannonball Run, and this rendering certainly demands attention. But alas, we're talking about two different interpretations of the Countach and both are worthy of attention.