We rarely get to talk about the Tesla Model X. Perhaps it's because there hasn't been any news since the refreshed version came out in late January together with the Model S Plaid. An older version was recently filmed in London exiting a parking spot and merging into traffic with the right Falcon Door up in the air. It didn't take too long for disaster to strike as the "flying" door smashed into the windscreen of a London bus.

The scooter rider's reaction perfectly sums up our thoughts about the peculiar incident. The double decker's glass didn't shatter and it seems the innocent driver is ok, while the person behind the Model X is likely fine as well since the collision took place at a low speed. Actually, make that "collisions" as the Falcon Door also hit the side of the bus after the first impact.

How could this have happened? One word: ignorance. We've attached a video above that shows how the Model X reacts if you drive it with the doors open. Aside from visual warnings on both the digital dashboard and infotainment screen, the driver also gets audio alerts, so to a normal person, it seems practically impossible to forget to close the Falcon Doors.

The in-your-face warnings are definitely hard to miss, making us wonder what was going on through the driver's head. That's certainly going to result in a hefty repair bill as the whole mechanism likely has to be replaced and those aren't exactly cheap. The mishap took place on the A111 in Southgate, London, and even in the hypothetical event the door malfunctioned, that's no excuse for driving the Model X in such a reckless way.

Speaking of doors malfunctioning, it's worth noting that in the event the battery dies, those sitting in the back seats can still open the Falcon Door. There's a mechanical release behind the door's speaker grille. After pulling the cable down and towards the front seats, you can manually lift up the doors once the latch is released.