The return of the Lamborghini Countach gave birth to differing reactions in varying degrees. Some were blown away by it, while others aren't exactly sold with the modernised interpretation of the iconic nameplate.

But whichever way you see the Countach, one thing's for sure – it's going to be a rare sighting on the road with only 112 examples to be made, another homage to the original prototype's LP 112 designation.

Gallery: Lamborghini Countach 2021, the colors for the bodywork

The limited number of units won't all come in white, though. Lamborghini said that lucky owners have over 30 colour options to choose from – a combination of original 1970s Countach heritage colours and contemporary shades. To help you visualise, see the gallery above for some of the designated colours on the new Countach.

Of course, you can get the Countach in yellow, a staple Lamborghini colour and the very same hue that the original Countach prototype wore when it was presented in the Geneva Motor Show in 1971.

Lamborghini Countach Colors

The Countach is also available in various shades of blue and green, bright or dark, along with numerous versions of Rosso (red) and Viola (violet). But if you're not in for the attention, you can never go wrong with black and other neutral colours.

As seen in the gallery above, Lamborghini offers three interior colour options. Buyers can get it in white or just like the press car, you can get in red, with either more or fewer black accents.

The Countach's lengthy press release didn't mention the Lamborghini Ad Personam programme, the automaker's customisation department at Sant'Agata Bolognese. However, we'd wager the wealthy buyers of this returning nameplate will have this privilege.

Lamborghini still hasn't disclosed the pricing of the new Countach at the time of this writing, or whether all of the 112 units have already been spoken. We've heard rumours that it will be over £1 million.

If you're among the 112 buyers, we have a question for you: in what colour will you get your new Countach painted?