Even though Porsche was believed to also launch a Sport Turismo (estate) version of the Taycan after launching the crossover-like Cross Turismo, it seems the manufacturer has other ideas. While the model is still being considered, along with a coupe and convertible, it looks like Porsche could actually launch a Cross version of the Taycan saloon.

These patent images uncovered by MotorTrend on the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) site give us a very strong indication of what the next Taycan model to be launched will be. They show what is very clearly the three-box Taycan, but with the slightly higher ride height and the plastic body cladding from the Cross Turismo raised estate.

The front and rear bumpers are also different and MotorTrend suggests that the rear quarter panel area is also slightly different, although we honestly can’t really tell. It doesn’t appear to be sitting on the same rims as the Taycan Cross Turismo, though, and they just appear to be the regular 21-inch ten-spoke design.

Gallery: Porsche Taycan Cross saloon patent

Porsche announced the Taycan with the Mission E concept, which essentially previewed the Cross Turismo model, making the automaker’s intention to give the vehicle more of an off-road character obvious. It would therefore be no real surprise if this Cross saloon would make it into production, especially since it’s not that different to the regular saloon and it would definitely appeal to those looking for slightly taller Porsche EV but at the same time don’t like the load lugger body style.

The only odd part about these patent drawings having surfaced is the fact that a Cross saloon was never even rumoured to be in the works, just the versions mentioned in this article's first paragraph.