The Lamborghini Countach is back – or at least the nameplate is. The retro supercar debuted today at the Pebble Beach Concours, complete with throwback styling, an 803-bhp (599-kilowatt) hybrid V12, and a limited production run of just 112 examples worldwide. Luckily enough,'s Director Of Video, Clint Simone, was there to catch the stunning coupe on film.

This is the first Countach in the Lamborghini lineup since the original was discontinued 30 years ago. And although this one isn't technically brand new – it rides on a version of the outgoing Aventador's platform – it does have a number of unique features that make it worth its multi-million-dollar asking price to the right buyer.

Under the bonnet is the same 6.5-litre hybrid V12 setup from the Sian FKP 37. That powertrain is good for the aforementioned 803 bhp, which gives it the ability to hit 60 in just 2.8 seconds and a top speed of 221 mph (356 kmh) on the right road. Power is routed to all four wheels through a seven-speed gearbox. Sorry, no manual.

Design-wise, the new Countach draws heavily from its predecessor the LP400, which the company produced until 1990. This shade of white especially draws on the iconic 25th Anniversary Edition. The new Countach has a flat nose and pop-up–inspired headlights up front, with an inverted-wedge design at the rear. Beyond that, the new Countach features unique taillights, quad exhaust tips, staggered 20- and 21-inch wheels, and of course, scissor doors.

The new Lamborghini Countach makes its way to customer's hands later this year. The company hasn't officially announced a price, but rumours say that this new limited supercar easily crests £1 million – some even suggest it could cost at much as £3 million. Lamborghini is limiting production to just 112 units worldwide, so it's easy to see why it costs so much.

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