A spectacular explosion at an Oklahoma truck stop near Big Cabin, northeast of Tulsa, Oklahoma USA last week was filmed on camera as a lorry caught fire after brake trouble. The lorry was reportedly carrying 27,000 pounds of Degree aerosol deodorant and its trailer caught fire, causing the cans to explode and form a massive blast.

The video at the top of this page shows the explosion and also the truck stop on the next day with thousands of destroyed deodorant cans scattered all around. The explosions started from the trailer, which caught fire by the hot brakes. The fire quickly escalated into an uncontrollable series of bursts. Thankfully, no one was hurt, according to Fox 23 News.

"It looks like Roman candles going off," Kevin Oakley, Big Cabin Fire Chief, told the publication "And you're walking through everything, it looks like a war zone. Especially at 5 o'clock in the morning."

According to Fox 23 News reporter Scott Martin, who covered the accident in a series of tweets with photos and videos, the deodorant cans were "popping off like fireworks." He also reported that "to certain degree, the scene smelled lovely." Jokes aside, the best thing we can report is that no one lost their lives or was injured.


Photos from the car park show it will take at least several days to tidy the mess. Thankfully, it seems that no other lorries were close enough to the burning truck to catch fire. From what we can see, the Love's truck stop off I-44 is at least partly operable, but it will take time to clean the debris from the scene.