The Toyota Supra is the latest vehicle to get a life-sized version in Lego. Like the full-size Bugatti Chiron from 2018, this Supra even has a motor that makes the plastic machine driveable. Don't expect much performance because the top speed is 17 miles per hour (28 kilometres per hour).

The Lego Supra is a vibrant shade of yellow and has functioning headlights and taillights. The interior is largely plastic, too. Although, the driver seat and steering wheel are from the road-going Supra.

Gallery: Toyota Supra Lego

It took 477,303 Lego bricks to assemble the Supra, and the assembly required 2,400 hours. With a weight of 1,885 kilograms (4,156 pounds), the Lego Supra actually weighs more than a Supra 35th Anniversary Special Edition that tips the scales at 1,640 kg (3,616 lbs).

In terms of dimensions, the Lego Supra is 204 centimetres (80.31 inches) wide, whereas the real thing is 186.5 cm (73.425 in). The plastic one is a bit shorter than the production version at 435 cm (171.3 in), versus 438 cm (172.4 in) for the car available in dealers.

The 1:1 scale Supra is on display at Legoland Japan until 11 October. Afterwards, people will be able to see the plastic sports car during rounds of the Japanese Super GT racing series.

The full-sized Lego car is part of Toyota's 35th-anniversary celebration of the dedicated Supra nameplate, rather than being the Celica Supra. To mark the milestone, the company is making a limited run of 35 four-cylinder SZ-R models and 35 inline-six RZ grades for the Japanese market. Since there are so few of them, Toyota is selecting the buyers through a raffle.

If you're looking for a special Supra in America, there's the A91 Carbon Fibre Special Edition that adds lightweight aerodynamic pieces to the sports car. At $64,275, including a $995 destination charge, they are the most expensive version available in the country. The company is making just 600 of them for North America.