Volkswagen’s EV plans have tentatively hinted at adding two more models to its ID family of cars in the coming years. They will slot below the ID.3 and ID.4 that are already available, and they’ll target buyers looking for affordable EV city cars. There’s been speculation about the type of vehicle the ID.2 will be, and two new reports finally shed some light on the mystery – both say the model will be yet another all-electric SUV.

The reports, one from Auto Express and the other from Automotive News Europe, corroborate each other in painting the ID.2 as a baby SUV. That makes sense considering their popularity right now. VW has allegedly been working on developing an affordable version of its all-electric MEB platform, which will underpin small, affordable models from other VW Group brands such as SEAT and Skoda.

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It’s not clear when we’ll see the VW ID.2 debut. Rumours from late last year suggested that it’d arrive in 2023, though the two new reports provide conflicting information. Automotive News Europe said it didn’t expect it to arrive until 2027, while Auto Express was a bit more optimistic, reporting that it’ll debut before the end of 2025. We could see the ID.2 debut as a SEAT or Skoda model before the VW version, which could be contributing to the confusion about when we’ll see the model debut.

Like other ID models, the ID.2 will offer various battery sizes, with the smallest rumoured to be only 30 kilowatt-hours, which would translate to about 120 miles (193 kilometres) of range. Its bite-sized range would come with a bite-sized price. Automotive News Europe’s report says the Group’s mini EVs will start at around €19,000 (£16,100 at today’s exchange rate). The publication also reported that VW Group tasked Skoda with developing the ID.2 and the brand’s other compact EVs.