We love the creative projects that vanlifers build to embrace off-grid living on a full-time basis. We've seen everything from converted ambulances to a guy with a makeshift bed in a Nissan Versa, but we've never seen someone living in a Porsche. Until now.

The Cayenne was Porsche's first foray into something other than a small sports car, so there's at least a little bit of room to stretch out. Specifically, this is a 2008 Cayenne S with a throaty V8 and a four-inch suspension lift for improved off-roading. Yes, not only is this Cayenne a full-time home-on-the-road, it's also outfitted for proper overlanding and as proof of its capability, this thing conquered Moab.

This unlikely vanlife adventure comes from Harrison Schoen on YouTube as well as TikTok, where everything from the Cayenne buildout to various destinations are recorded for all to see. The accommodations are quite spartan, with the interior consisting of a bespoke floor used primarily for clothes and tool storage. An Ikea file cabinet cut-to-fit offers more storage, and a mini-fridge positioned behind the driver seat keeps food cold. A 2000-watt power station sits under the bed behind the passenger front seat, a foldable stove stows in the back, and that's more or less it for interior creature comforts.

Outside, a roof rack holds a 10-gallon (38-litre) shower tank and a large cargo box for additional storage. An awning extends out to create a shaded outdoor space for relaxing, and of course you can't have an off-roader without lightbars to pierce the darkness. The 33-inch off-road tyres can be aired down and pumped back up depending on the off-road conditions, and it doesn't look bad with the 18-inch wheels, either.

It's certainly a very unlikely choice for full-time vanlife, but honestly, it sure looks like fun. And for those wondering just how much it costs to live and explore in a Porsche Cayenne, the total thus far is around $25,000 (approx. £18.000). That includes the Cayenne's $9,000 (£6,500) purchase price and all the gear to make it brilliant. Well done, indeed.