The opening car chase scene in 2001’s The Fast and The Furious wouldn’t be the iconic scene it is today if it wasn’t for that Honda Civic slipping under the semi. The scene has been recreated countless times in movies and by eager DIYers itching for a thrill. The latest iteration comes from Russia, of course, where one gentleman, Evgeny Chebotarev, decided to film himself driving a Mazda MX-5 roadster underneath an articulated lorry.

Chebotarev posted several videos of the stunt to Instagram, where he chronicles his daredevil antics. Doing the stunt in an open-roofed coupe seems like a dangerous idea, though early in the video, you can see Chebotarev glance back at the semi trailer’s rear wheels. The lack of a roof likely made it much easier for Chebotarev to judge where the truck and the car’s positions in relation to each other. Smart.


The videos then show him slowly sliding the MX-5 underneath the trailer before emerging out the other side, though the MX-5’s front bumper does appear to come close to hitting the trailer. The MX-5 never gets close to the trailer’s rear wheels, though it does get uncomfortably close to hitting its front ones as Chebotarev navigates out from underneath it. One miss-tap of the brakes could have been a disaster. It doesn’t look like there was anything like a metal bar to block the car from contacting the rear tyres in the event of something going wrong.

Obviously, don’t try this at home, or, really, anywhere else for that matter. It looks like the video was shot on a deserted road with the truck working in close collaboration with the Chebotarev to make the stunt a success. We’re likely to see the stunt recreated time and time again, and it’s always exciting to see it play out. It’s certainly a scene car enthusiasts think about almost every time they see an articulated lorry.