BMW has constantly been in the news with its recent designs in the last few months. Ever since the latest M4/M3 duo arrived, people have been complaining about the way the exterior design of the new Bimmers has evolved. Ex-BMW designer Frank Stephenson (designer of the original BMW X5) has been one of the most vocal critics of the new kidney grilles, and he has many things to say about the new 2 Series.

In a new 13-minute video on his YouTube channel, the famous automotive designer starts by praising the German company for not putting oversized grilles on the new coupe. His enthusiasm is quickly scalded by the fact that the front fascia of the new 2 Series is simply bland, and if you take off the grilles, you wouldn’t even recognise it as a BMW.

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“The headlights are quite strange. The front end, as I study it, is slowly starting to disintegrate in my eyes. And I am looking at a headlight that is totally different in language to the lower vent underneath it, as well as to the grille, as well as to the lower grille, as well as to the bonnet,” Stephenson says.

If this sounds a little too harsh for your ears, wait until Stephenson gives his overall conclusion on the front-end design. In short, he doesn’t even want to “fix” it “as you would have to basically start from scratch.” One thing he does like, though, is the greenhouse - “that is a BMW,” he says, pointing toward a certain BMW coupe from the past designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro.

Want more? Stephenson even describes the bonnet of the car as “cartoonish” as, in his eyes, it is way too long for a small coupe. “I think the proportions of this car are definitely off in the sense that this front wheel needs to come back.” This is definitely one of the strongest opinions we’ve heard about BMW’s new design language.