Last month, Czinger introduced the production specification of its 21C hypercar and, as part of the promotional activities surrounding its launch, the machine set a new track record. Under ideal conditions, the 21C registered a new record lap around the WeatherTech Laguna Seca Raceway in California.

Beating the previous record of 1 minute, 27.62 seconds set by Randy Pobst behind the wheel of the McLaren Senna, the Czinger 12C lapped the Californian race track in a GPS-verified time of 1 minute, 25.44 seconds with driver Joel Miller on the driver’s seat. The hypercar was in completely stock form and riding on Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2R tyres. The full lap can be watched at the video atop this page.

Gallery: Czinger 21C new lap record at Laguna Seca

“It goes without saying that we are delighted with the performance of the car,” Ewan Baldry, Chief Engineer at Czinger, comments. “To be able to achieve this lap time with a car that is going into homologated production is the result of some incredibly hard work from the Czinger team and in particular our ability to exploit the cutting-edge technology that we have access to through our close association with Divergent.”

Just a few days ago, a race-modified Tesla Model S Plaid set a new record for an electric vehicle on the same track. With a time of 1 minute, 28.213 seconds, the zero-emissions saloon took the EV crown with a run during the TeslaCorsa 16 event on 1 August. It’s currently the third-fastest car around the Laguna Seca overall behind the Czinger 12C and McLaren Senna.

Back to the 12C hypercar, in stock form, it delivers 1,233 bhp (932 kilowatts) from its in-house developed twin-turbocharged 2.88-litre flat-plane crank V8. supported by two electric motors. The hybrid powertrain provides an all-wheel-drive capability. An even more hardcore version with a better power-to-weight ratio is also under development.