When talking about Indian car brands, Tata and Mahindra will most likely be the topic of conversation, along with Maruti Suzuki which is the country's undisputed number one car brand.

However, there's a relatively new player in the Indian automotive market and it goes by the name Mean Metal Motors. We've reported about this company back in 2015 when it previewed the M-Zero, billed as India's first supercar. Now, the triple M wants to take this a step further by introducing the Azani – an electric hypercar that's capable to produce up to 1,000 bhp.

Gallery: Mean Metal Azani Indian Hypercar

In terms of specs, the Azani is claimed with a lot of incredible numbers. Apart from the 1,000-bhp and 738 pound-feet (1,000 Newton-metres) torque output from its electric motors, it also boasts a 220-mile-per-hour (322-kilometre-per-hour) top speed and a sprint to 60 mph (97 kph) in just 2.1 seconds. Its 120 kWh battery pack is also said to last up to 325 mi (523 km) in one full charge. All of these figures are listed on Mean Metal Motors' Tesla-looking website.

Apart from the numbers, Mean Metal Motors said that the Azani comes with a skateboard aluminium spaceframe chassis that's highly flexible to use across various models. The company is also using modular components for the hypercar, said to decrease supplier margins by 25 percent.

The Azani will, of course, come with high-tech features as any new car would but one thing that the company boasts is the use of AI in its micro-factories to increase efficiency and reduce costs. The car itself will also feature over-the-air updates. Design-wise, we'll leave that up to you but let's just say the Azani's shape (especially upfront) represents the company's logo well.

Mean Metal Motors has not set any timeline for the release of the actual Azani in the metal, along with its pricing, but the website already accepts reservations.