Why pay a negligible amount of money to have your new sofa delivered at home when you can risk getting a hefty fine for illegally transporting it in your car? It's probably what this Volkswagen Passat B6 driver was thinking when he decided to stuff the couch in the backseat of his midsize saloon and drive it home.

It happened earlier this week in Galati, Romania and the adjacent footage sent to news channel Digi24 was shot by the front passenger of a car right behind the Passat. The D-segment saloon was a fairly large car in its heyday, courtesy of a generous width of 1,820 mm (71.7 inches). That being said, it's obviously still not large enough to lug around a bulky sofa in the backseat.

With the rear doors wide open and driving in the middle of the day, it didn't take too long for the police to notice the VW was much wider than a fullsize Phaeton luxury saloon. The bobbies promptly pulled the driver over and handed him the equivalent of a £150 fine, which is several times more money than what he would've paid in transport costs.

Perhaps the Passat owner now regrets not buying a B6 Variant or simply hiring a lorry or a van as any normal person would do to carry his newly purchased sofa home. It's worth noting the police also took away his driver's license after discovering the document was showing signs of deterioration. He'll have to replace it now, and in the meantime, the cops gave him a provisional piece of paper valid for 15 days.

To be fair, we've seen far worse misdemeanours, but that's still not an excuse to cram in a sofa in the back of the car and completely block your rear visibility. There's also a risk of bumping into something (or even worse, someone) what with the rear doors significantly increasing the Passat's width.

If only we had footage of the Passat owner successfully squeezing in the couch in the back of his car...