It is a surprising move for the long-lived automaker, but Morgan is the latest company to get in on the off-roader trend. The brand introduces the Morgan Plus Four CX-T that features an array of updates for making the roadster perform in the dirt. There's a limited run of just eight of these machines for £170,000 each.

The CX-T gains an external roll cage over the passenger compartment and lights mounted to it above the roof. There are storage bags on each wing/fender.

Gallery: Morgan Plus Four CX-T

Morgan overhauls the rear section to create a storage area that's large enough for two full-sized spare wheels. This space also comes with two waterproof Pelican luggage cases, a Zarges aluminium toolbox, and two Rotopax 11-litre fuel containers.

To handle off-road work, Plus Four CX-T gains modified Plus Six wishbones that widen the track and increase wheel travel. It rides on EXE-TC coilovers with internal bump stops. There's 230 millimetres (9.05 inches) of ground clearance. Bespoke bushes in the lower suspension arms are for increasing durability.

A five-piece skid plate setup protects the underbody from obstacles. There's also a revised exhaust layout that routes out of the side at the rear to improve the departure angle. 

The Plus Four uses a BMW-sourced 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder that makes 255 bhp (190 kilowatts). Morgan also gets the BMW X-Drive electronic rear differential with custom software. There are three modes: Road with an open differential, All-Terrain with 45 percent lock, and All-Terrain Extreme with 100 percent lock.

The CX-T's cabin comes with a composite hard top that Morgan engineers to fit between the internal and external roll cages. A mounting track is on the dashboard for holding things like a phone or camera. A reremovable map holder and insulated cool bag are in the passenger footwell. A first aid kit is behind the seats.

Morgan is taking orders for the CX-T. It intends to build all eight before the end of the year.