Do you love your dog? Of course, you do, and Honda knows it. That’s why Honda Japan has introduced a host of unique dog-focused accessories for your favourite Honda dubbed Honda Dog. These Japan-only accessories help you customise your car to make it more comfortable for your dog and add a bit of flair to let people know about your love for your doggo.

Gallery: Honda Introduces Paw Accessories For Dog Lovers Of Japan

Honda wants to make your car as dog-friendly as possible. For starters, Honda developed an innovative dog carrier that fits perfectly in the seat of your Honda. This very clever design is meant to be easy to clean, safe for your dogs, easy to store. Travelling with your dog in the car can be very dangerous. During the unfortunate possibility of a crash, you want to make sure your dog is secure and safe. This dog carrier achieves that and utilises Honda’s safety systems to keep them safe during trips.

Besides the dog carriers, Honda wants owners to have the opportunity to add dog-inspired accessories. Honda offers paw theme automatic shift knobs along with paw stickers to add to your dashboard. To customise your exterior Honda has you covered. The most interesting accessory is the paw centre caps to replace the Honda logos on your wheels. To complete your setup Honda will also sell you a Honda dog sticker.

Building cars that meet your customer's needs is what keeps cars companies in business. Catering to dog lovers with accessories is the perfect way for Honda to capture a critical niche market and grow the appeal of its brand. These dog-specific accessories make your Honda a safer place for them to travel to their favourite dog park.