As they say, death and taxes are the only things certain in this world. Well, you can add the fact that Bentley won't be making pickup trucks ever. Or will they? Well, they now have an SUV in the form of the Bentayga, so a pickup truck might happen, with emphasis on might. If you want a luxurious British utility vehicle that can haul things, chances are it isn't happening soon so don't count on it.

Or you can turn our attention to this – a Flying Spur pickup conversion courtesy of DC Customs in the UK.


If you're having a hard time wrapping your head around the idea, consider this a British El Camino – only more luxurious and more modern than the Chevrolet utility pickup from the '60s.

Looking at the images posted by DC Customs on its Instagram, the Flying Spur pickup conversion nicknamed Decadence isn't a bad idea at all. Much of that fact comes from the great bodywork that the shop has employed. The front half of the first-generation luxury saloon looks virtually untouched but the tuning company's work began at the B-pillar down to the back.

To keep things tasteful, DC Customs lined the bed with wood veneers, complete with cabinets and drawers to maximise utility.

DC Customs didn't disclose how much the build was for, but they did say that the purple low-slung pickup is now in the hands of its owner. The company considers it as one of its biggest challenges to date.

If you're interested in getting this type of conversion, you might want to contact the company directly via the source link below. They also do various modifications and bespoke builds, which we hope are just as crafty as this Flying Spur pickup.