More than a year ago, H2X announced its aim to put Australia on the map when it comes to producing hydrogen fuel-cell EVs. With a lineup consisting of a van, minibus, tractor, and SUV, H2X wants to put one of these emission-free vehicles on the road by July 2021.

Obviously, that didn't happen because of funding woes but that doesn't mean H2X Australia is out of the picture. Now back as H2X Global with funding coming from Liberty Energy Capital, the firm introduces its first vehicle, the Warrego, based on the T6 Ford Ranger but with no direct harmful effect on the environment.

Gallery: H2X Warrego Ford Ranger Hydrogen FCEV

Brendan Norman is still at the helm of the now H2X Global. He has an ambitious forecast of a high volume of production within 10 years, but of course, we have yet to see its vehicle on the road first.

The Warrego FCEV is named after a river in Queensland. It was originally made for internal engineering development, but said to have generated interest from customers. According to H2X Global's website, it already got orders from the Netherlands and Malaysia, apart from those who ordered from the Land Down Under. Normal told CarSales that five countries from the Old Continent will receive examples of the Warrego.

The converted Ford Ranger hydrogen FCEV is said to be available in various drivetrain configurations, as well as body forms including dual-cab. H2X Global's website lists the Warrego with a 1,500-kilogram payload capacity, way more than what a typical Ranger can carry. Power output is said to be around 94 bhp but may go higher later in its development.

H2X Global will be starting conversions in September, while demonstrations are to commence by November. Sales are projected to begin in April 2022.