The world of performance EVs is evolving quickly, and the top dog from just a few months ago can rapidly seem slow. As a perfect example, watch what happens when a Tesla Model S Plaid takes on a Porsche Taycan Turbo S in three drag races.

The Model S Plaid brings 1,020 bhp (761 kilowatts) to the strip. The power comes from three electric motors – one in front and two at the back.

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In comparison, the Taycan Turbo S has 750 bhp (560 kW) when launching. It features two electric motors, and the one in the back has a two-speed gearbox.

From the first race, the difference between them is obvious. The Tesla driver forgets to engage Drag Strip Mode, but the Plaid still covers the quarter-mile in a ludicrous 9.673 seconds while going 150.93 miles per hour (242.9 kilometres per hour). In comparison, the Taycan Turbo S needs 10.422 seconds. This is still an impressive time, but the Porsche can't keep up with the Tesla.

With the Tesla in the proper mode, the Model S Plaid covers the distance even more quickly. It does the quarter-mile in 9.36 seconds. The Taycan Turbo S is over a second behind with a time of 10.393 seconds.

For the final race, the Model S Plaid is faster yet again. The Tesla covers the quarter-mile in 9.344 seconds at 151.34 mph (243.6 kph). The Taycan Turbo S also does its best run, but it's 10.379, which is still over a second slower. Across the line, the Porsche is going 129.99 mph (209.2 kph).

It's not clear whether Porsche intends to up the ante and build an even quicker version of the Taycan to challenge the Model S Plaid. There's a rumour about the company creating a track-focused GTS version with a lower weight and body modifications for more downforce. There's no info yet about whether a power bump would be among the upgrades.