It's hard to believe the second-generation Honda NSX has been around for six years now. It debuted in 2015 as a 2016 model, and in that time it hasn't really changed much except for options, performance tweaks, and occasional special colours. Now, we have our first sighting of an NSX wearing some camouflage wrap, telling us a change is in the works.

There are just a few images of an orange NSX shared by nsxjon on Instagram, and only one gets us reasonably close for a look-see at the back. We can see the rear fascia gets revised corner intakes that look significantly narrower and a bit taller. The centre vent looks wider, and while the rear diffuser doesn't look bigger, it seems to stand out a bit more. The taillights and spoiler look identical to the current model.


Images from the front aren't nearly as close, but it's not hard to see changes on the fascia. The large lower intakes are essentially split in two, creating smaller openings at the corners with a second, vertically-oriented set closer to the middle. It's hard to tell if there's a prominent splitter sitting low on the fascia – we could simply be seeing a shadow but it does look like something is there. As with the rear, the headlights look identical, and the bonnet carries the same body lines with vents along the edges.


It's worth noting that this may not be an NSX facelift. We've heard persistent rumours that an NSX Type S and/or a Type R is coming soon. Given the mild treatment at the back with a standard-issue lip spoiler we highly doubt this would be a Type R. However, it could fit the role of a Type S with upgraded looks to set it apart from the standard model. We'd expect a power upgrade as well, but at this point, it's pure speculation. Our traditional spy sources are coming up empty when it comes to insider information.

Whether it's a full-line facelift or a sportier model, changes are coming for the NSX and that should be a good thing.