According to recent posts on Reddit as well as various Tesla-related forums, the automaker is rolling out a new over-the-air software update with some pretty neat features. Owners shared information on Reddit about update 2021.24, along with screenshots of the new features.

Tesla already offers several popular channels and/or streaming services for use on its cars' large touch-screen infotainment systems, such as Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube. Now, Tesla owners will also get to watch Disney+ in their cars.

This makes perfect sense since many Tesla families use the car's screen to occupy not only themselves while charging, but also their children. The new Disney offering will be an excellent addition to keep the kiddos at bay during road trip charging stops.

The Silicon Valley electric automaker has also added a new Car Wash Mode. Essentially, the feature will prep your Tesla for an upcoming car wash. According to Endgadget, the feature will close and/or disable the car's windows, wipers, Sentry Mode, and parking sensor chimes. For folks who choose to get their Tesla washed at an automated car wash, the feature can be used to put the car in neutral. This will disable the Tesla's free-roll option and keep it from engaging automatic braking.

Another new feature will allow the cars to auto-save TeslaCam (built-in dashcam) footage. However, owners will have to choose to turn the feature on and agree to its use. The feature won't store the footage locally or share it with Tesla. These are proactive measures by the company to avoid future concerns related to privacy.

Engadget mentions several other new features that are reportedly included in Tesla software update 2021.24, such as support for new languages, increased battery info for the user, auto-dimming mirrors, and continuous Wi-Fi connection in Drive.

Check out the Tesla Model Y Performance video below: