The Volkswagen ID Buzz is probably among the ID models that a lot of people are excited about, primarily because its concept version that debuted a few years back was a reminder of the iconic VW Kombi.

While previous prototype sightings of the ID Buzz utilised test mules to hide its identity, VW (kind of) revealed its production body recently as spotted by our spy photographers. This time, a spy video surfaced, courtesy of CarSpyMedia on YouTube, which shows the Microbus for the EV era testing in the Alps.

Gallery: VW ID Buzz Spy Shots

As you can see, the ID Buzz caught in the moving spy shots is the same one that we saw in still images before, even having the same number plates. And yes, the prototype is still wearing weird (but clever) camouflage to conceal the important parts of its design. Most of the peculiar wraps are found on the front fascia where the German automaker tried to hide the production headlight design, as well as the lower bumper where a set of fog lamp stickers can be found.

At the rear, the barrage of stickers continues to mask the styling. We couldn't help but commend those who came up with these wraps as they manage to make the taillights look like what you'll see on the Vauxhall Insignia.

At this point, it would be hard to judge the ID Buzz based on the spy shots and videos since the concealments did a great job in obscuring what we need to see. But as with most of you, we're wishing that VW keeps faith with the fun-looking ID Buzz concept from 2017.

The new VW ID Buzz will be revealed in full form in 2022, headed initially for the European market. The US will get its version in 2023 for the 2024 model year as a passenger van with a single-wheelbase option.