A large car collection can require a massive garage that can eat up a lot of space, and that puts people with small plots of property in a particularly difficult bind. However, a new subterranean garage design from UNISM, a European company that blends architecture and landscaping, looks to provide a stunning space to store cars without upsetting the lush lawns and top-notch topiaries of the world's upper crust.

The design looks perfect for a Bond villain who wants to retire in the British countryside with their fleet of Aston Martin models, thanks to its minimalist styling and industrial aesthetic. The "Subterranean Car Showroom" features a rounded mound design that forgoes sharp edges for flowing lines throughout the entire garage. Even the stairs leading down to the garage are rounded, accented by lights in the steps. The ramp leading down into the garage wraps around the mount, minimising the excavation area.

Gallery: UNISM’s Subterranean Car Showroom

One of the garage's standout features is the three-metre-wide (9.8-foot) skylight that flows with the room's organic shape and parametric design. It's positioned at the top of the mound, poking through the ground and surrounded by greenery. In the mock-ups, the skylight gives the garage a cinematic feel with soft contrasts and moody lighting. UNISM says it provides the garage with a "dusk-like glow" that "enhances the visitor experience."

The garage is sized to hold up to eight vehicles with a centre turnstile assisting with getting them into their proper parking positions. The design even features a built-in exhaust extraction system that can connect to a car's tailpipe, while a glass gate keeps the underground lair separated from the outside. This is just a design concept for now, but one that puts an emphasis on landscaping and greenery over a mammoth-sized garage next to your house. The website features several interactive modules that highlight how its designed, and you should check it out at the link below.