The Subaru WRX is a staple in the brand’s lineup, and the company is giving it a thorough refresh for the model’s second generation starting for 2022. Subaru has already started teasing the model, though spy shots have revealed there is little to hide. It looks like the automaker is giving the saloon an evolutionary design update that doesn’t look too different from the current car. Thankfully, we won’t be waiting long to see it in full.

Today, Subaru announced the next-gen WRX would make its official debut on Thursday 19 August at the New York Auto Show. Subaru didn’t specify the time to tune in; however, it did say that it would stream the car’s world premiere, so you can watch from your bed. Subaru is likely eager to reveal the new saloon as the company had planned to reveal it in 2020 before the coronavirus pandemic upended everything.

Gallery: Next-Gen Subaru WRX Spy Shots

Subaru released a second WRX teaser alongside announcing its reveal date, though it doesn’t reveal much. The car is drifting through dirt, kicking dust into the air that obscures much of the vehicle. The only visible portions are the greenhouse and a bit of the rear quarter panel, and while they look similar in design to the current car, there are styled differently. The rear side window features an upward kick, and the C-pillar gets wider as it drops from the roof to the quarter panel.

The 2022 WRX will be an all-new affair inside and out when it does arrive. Under the bonnet, the model will allegedly use a version of the FA24 2.4-litre turbocharged flat-four engine found in the Ascent, Legacy, and Outback. The engine produces 260 bhp (194 kilowatts) and 277 pound-feet (376 Newton-metres) of torque in those models. Subaru could tweak the mill for the WRX to make even more power in the popular performance model. 

The Impreza WRX was cancelled in the UK market in 2017.