The next-generation Mercedes-Benz SL-Class is certainly underway as more sightings of its prototype have been happening this year. This recent set of spy photos has the closest shots by far, showing off the Sport Leicht's sleek bodywork.

There are two models seen in this set sent by our spies, with one flaunting more skin seems to be the hotter version with quad-exhaust pipes sticking out at the back. It's similar to the one we saw at the Nurburgring last month, but with a black soft top instead of red.

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The second set of photos are similar to the prototype we saw early this year, caught while doing some cold-weather testing. The images are incredibly clear as well, almost as if they're from an official press release.

Going back to the upcoming SL, we now know some facts based on recent releases by the German automaker. We all know that the next SL will be replacing the discontinued SLC and S-Class Convertible while being merged with the AMG GT Roadster into a single 2+2 model. AMG is developing the roadster since day one, so we can expect nothing less in terms of performance.

Affalterbach revealed back in May the lightweight bodyshell of the upcoming SL, which will be a combination of aluminium, steel, magnesium, and fibre composites, keeping things light and maximising rigidity. More importantly, this structure is said to have a torsional stiffness that's 18 percent more than the model it replaces.

Meanwhile, Mercedes also revealed the leather-lined interior of the SL, along with its 2+2 layout – the first time since 1989 and the R129 model. The most notable cabin feature, at least for now, is the large infotainment screen that can tilt forward to reduce any glare when the top is down.

The new Mercedes SL is expected to be revealed by the end of the year, with sales starting early in 2022.