VW wants to make sure there is an ID Buzz for everyone. The aspiring EV automaker explained that there will be three initial versions of the upcoming ID Buzz EV van targeting a host of different markets. The goal is to build a practical electric van for the future as VW looks to enter the next paradigm of automotive propulsion.

If VW has their way, an ID Buzz will arrive at your house to deliver packages and sit in your driveway ready to take your family on its next adventure.

The VW ID Buzz is first and foremost a spacious people mover. In Europe, VW plans to see a six-seat passenger version of the ID Buzz specifically targeting rideshare services. The idea is to create a vehicle that is ready to pick up a large number of Uber or Lyft customers with only one vehicle. The ID Buzz will offer passengers separate seating with a screen in front of them that is intended to display ride information.

For American customers, the ID Buzz will arrive in 2024. The American ID Buzz will be a more traditional family van with seating for four passengers in the rear. Two of the rear seats will face forward while the other two will face the rear of the vehicle. Hopefully, your children or passengers are not prone to motion sickness.

Finally, VW plans to build an ID Buzz specifically made to deliver all of the packages you keep ordering online. This cargo van style ID Buzz will offer companies an opportunity to purchase an EV from a massive global organisation made to deliver small packages. VW is also working heavily on self-driving technology intending to automate package delivery.

The future of the unique ID Buzz EV seems bright and we look forward to seeing this retro-inspired van on the road very soon.