The last thing anyone wants to see in their rearview mirror is a quickly approaching car with the bonnet wide open. That isn't safe for anyone, and one driver in Hungary recently captured such recklessness on video when a BMW X5 passed it by on the freeway with the bonnet propped open. However, in the grand scheme of things, it could have been much more dangerous.

No, the wind didn't catch the bonnet and slam it back against the windshield, as we've seen happen before. Instead, it looks like the BMW had its hood open to signal some sort of mechanical mishap. It looks like the traffic had come to a crawl due to an accident or congestion, and that's when the BMW appeared driving along the shoulder with the bonnet open. It's likely the crossover suffered a mechanical fault while sitting in traffic. It looks like a first-generation X5 from the early 2000s.

It's unclear what forced the BMW to open its bonnet, but older cars can get finicky when sitting for long periods, especially in traffic. It's difficult to tell in the video, but the driver is moving down the road with his hazard lights blinking. An unidentifiable red car is visible ahead of the BMW on the shoulder with its hazards on, too, with what looks like a Mercedes saloon trailing the pair.

It would have been much safer for everyone had the driver closed the bonnet before moving. Yes, there appears to be a lead car guiding the BMW, though there are few reasons to keep the bonnet open while driving. The BMW may have overheated, though if that was the case, the driver should have waited for the engine to cool, softly closed the bonnet, and then drove to a safer area. However, that didn't happen, but we did get this funny video to enjoy out of the ordeal.