It feels like we first saw the gorgeous Bugatti Divo just yesterday. In fact, it was almost three years ago to the day when the covers lifted on the coachbuilt hypercar. Bugatti debuted the Chiron-based Divo in 2018 at Pebble Beach, so it's rather fitting that the last example graces the world stage just a few weeks before the 2021 gala. 

This one won't make an appearance in California, unless its owner decides to ship the car stateside. Bugatti says the final Divo in the 40-unit production run went to a European owner, and compared to some of the interesting colours seen on previous models, this one looks rather traditional. The exterior wears a primary shade of Bugatti EB 110 LM Blue, with Blue Carbon serving as the secondary contrast. Moving inside you'll find more blue, specifically French Racing Blue with Deep Blue and flat grey carbon.

Gallery: Final Bugatti Divo

While it feels traditional, it's still a unique car. According to Bugatti, there isn't a single Divo in the entire production run that matches another. Buyers were involved in the design process early on, and Bugatti was very liberal with customisation for colours and materials. The same isn't said for the Divo's coachbuilt bodywork, which focuses more on downforce with its array of vents and that prominent central spine. And of course, underneath it all is the skeleton of the Bugatti Chiron as well as its heart – the quad-turbocharged 8.0-litre W16 engine making 1,500 bhp for all four wheels to handle.

It took Bugatti three years to finish in the very small run of Divos. The automaker only offered the car to a select group of Bugatti Chiron owners, and all 40 were spoken for before it even debuted. Those buyers paid €5 million (£4.2 million) to put one in their garage, and with the extreme rarity and bespoke nature of each, we suspect that value will only increase in the years to come.