Mercedes-Benz is accelerating its electrification plans and now wants 50 percent of the automaker's products to be hybrid or fully electric by 2025, rather than the earlier goal of 25 percent. During a livestream, several of the company's execs outlined these plans, including confirming previously unannounced models.

Britta Seeger is responsible for marketing and sales at Mercedes-Benz, and she confirms during the stream that the EQE SUV and EQS SUV debut next year. Plus, a Mercedes-Maybach version of the EQS SUV is on the way.

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Seeger also confirms that a fully electric G-Class is on the way in 2024. A recent rumour indicates that a concept for the model could debut in early September at the IAA in Munich. There aren't many details about it yet. We don't know if this is simply an electrified version of the existing SUV or a product with unique styling and proportions.

Mercedes' EV strategy is to have a fully electric vehicle in every segment it occupies by 2022. As of 2025, every newly launched product will be electric-only. This will include the AMG division. "These upcoming AMGs will also move boundaries in terms of efficiency and aerodynamics. And there will be so much more to come to make these cars real AMGs in an electric world," Seeger said.

To support these vehicles, Mercedes is developing several electric-only platforms. MMA for compact products arrives in 2024. Later, MB.EA will be for medium and large passenger cars. AMG.EA will be specifically for performance vehicles. Finally, VAN.EA will be for commercial models.

To make these models possible, Mercedes needs a whole lot of batteries. The company intends to set up eight factories for cells by partnering with companies all over the world. It's also working on a next-gen silicon-carbon composite battery with the company SilaNano.