Ford will end the production of the GT next year but not before the supercar gets its deserved swan song in the form of a send-off edition. We first heard about the automaker’s plans earlier this summer when a report claimed the GT will get upgrades inspired by the GT Mk II but will keep its road-legal status. Now we have spy photos that hint at the modifications we can expect.

A white prototype was recently spied without any camouflage with manufacturer number plates and a massive roof scoop. This undisguised test car is probably very close to what the final production version of the send-off edition will look like. The roof scoop looks identical to the one seen on the GT Mk II which makes us believe Ford will borrow the aerodynamic element from the track-only supercar.

Gallery: Ford GT send-off edition spy photos

As you can see from the images in the gallery above, the giant spoiler and oversized diffuser of the GT Mk II won’t make it to the final edition GT. Other visual improvements might include graphics borrowed from the GT Studio Collection Edition, though this prototype doesn’t feature any of these visual enhancements.

Whether there are going to be any mechanical upgrades, it’s difficult to say at this point. However, the report from June mentioned there could be engine tweaks to add a little more power to the 3.5-litre EcoBoost twin-turbo engine. As a reminder, the GT Mk II featured a modified version of the motor delivering 700 bhp (522 kilowatts) thanks to larger air coolers and a water-spray system for better thermal management. 

We expect to see and learn more about the GT send-off edition in the months to come so stay tuned for more details. We bet they will be spicy.