Novitec, a German tuning company known for its low-key yet substantial tuning style, continues its tradition of understated upgrades on the Ferrari SF90 Stradale. Not that the hybrid supercar needs it, but you know, a little bit of additional power certainly won't hurt, right?

With that said, the gist of the Novitec tune for this Italian supercar comes with its oily bits. The firm focused first on further optimising the performance of the twin-turbo V8 engine, giving it a high-performance exhaust system and metal catalysts. This upgrade increases the total system output to 1,019 bhp (760 kilowatts), while torque peaks at 633 pound-feet (858 Newton-metres).

Gallery: Novitec Ferrari SF90 Stradale

In comparison, a stock SF90 Stradale makes 986 bhp (735 kW) and 590 lb-ft (800 Nm) torque from the force-inducted V8 and three electric motors. It's a slight bump but still definitely more, nonetheless.

Inside, Novitec said that it can refine the cabin by customer's request, although the images seen on the tuner's website don't show an example. We'd wager upgrades materials are in order; guess we have to buy one and send it to Germany to find out.

Visually, it's hard to find what's updated in this tuned SF90 example. That's fine as Novitec said that aerodynamic enhancements are still under development, so we'll more likely see an update to this tune sooner or later.

However, it's important to note that Novitec gave the SF90 visual and handling upgrades with 20- and 21-inch forged wheels, as well as sport springs. The former comes in varying designs and hues, with the one fitted in the pictured example bearing the ZV look in bronze finish.

Novitec hasn't listed its pricing for this aftermarket upgrade, but if you're among the interested one-percentres, you might want to contact them directly for more information.