In addition to designing championship-winning Formula One cars, Red Bull Racing's Adrian Newey also has hand in Red Bull Advanced Technology, which handles the company's commercial projects. At the Goodwood Festival of Speed, he hinted to Autocar that the division might be working on a new road car after the Aston Martin Valkyrie.

"Red Bull Advanced Technology was set up for exactly this project, but it has grown and matured, and we’ve got quite a lot of commercial projects on the books now," Newey told Autocar. "That makes it easier to take on a road car or a track-biased car that can be put on the road in a tighter timescale, because of the extra experience we’ve gathered." 

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Newey held back from divulging too many details. "So yes, absolutely, we would like to do another vehicle. Exactly what that is and what it’s targeted at is subject to debate. Watch this space is probably the easiest way to put it," he told Autocar.

In 2016, Aston Martin and Red Bull debuted the AM-RB 001, and it slowly evolved into the Valkyrie. Deliveries of the hypercar are finally supposed to begin in September 2021.

Newey was able to drive a pre-production Valkyrie during the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed, and he offered some impressions of the hypercar. "It’s still slightly raw; there’s some development still to be done," Newey told Autocar. "The car at Goodwood didn’t have active suspension and there’s lots of mapping work still to be done. But I think when everything comes together, it will be really special."

Newey sees the Valkyrie as a vehicle akin to a superbike-style motorcycle. You can drive it on the road but need to really pay attention because of the performance capabilities. The only place to fully unleash the machine is on the track.