When a car costs upwards of £2 million, you'd expect the automaker to offer virtually endless possibilities to personalise the vehicle inside and out. Automobili Pininfarina is doing just that by selling the Battista with a whopping 13.9 quintillion exterior combinations. Side note – a quintillion represents 1 followed by 18 zeros.

To showcase no two all-electric hypercars will be alike, the Italian company is unveiling the first bespoke commission. It apparently takes after New York City and comes in a lovely blue shade with an exposed carbon fibre body along with subtle red and white accents. It even has hand-painted stripes and an illuminated logo at the front where the brushed and polished anodised aluminium badge takes centre stage.

Interior images have not been provided by the manufacturer but we're being told this Battista combines black seat upholstery with navy colour inserts and white seatbelts. Automobili Pininfarina has added brushed aluminium detailing and mentions customers get to pick from a whopping 128 million unique combinations for the cabin.

Those who are not fond of this look can get a substantially different-looking hypercar, finished in one of the 56 exterior paints without the bare carbon appearance. There are multiple packages available at an additional cost to significantly modify the Battista's appearance as part of Automobili Pininfarina's efforts to create truly individual builds worthy to become future collectors' items.

The quad-motor electric beast was originally unveiled more than two years ago in Geneva and promises to be one of the quickest-accelerating hypercars ever. It'll do 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) in less than two seconds, 0 to 124 mph (200 km/h) in less than six seconds, and 0 to 186 mph (300 km/h) in less than 12 seconds on its way to a maximum speed of 218 mph (350 km/h), which isn't too shabby for an EV.

With 1,874 bhp and 2,300 Newton-metres (1,696 pound-feet) of torque on tap, it's effectively the most powerful car ever made in Italy and will cover 310 miles (500 kilometres) on a single charge courtesy of a large 120-kWh battery. Early adopters will be able to test these mind-boggling numbers later this year when Automobili Pininfarina will deliver the first Battista production cars.