Camping vacations are popular all around the world these days, and Europe is no exception. There are plenty of very expensive motorhomes, but for those with a tighter budget, what's better than Dacia? Sure, there are other models with attractive prices, not the least of which being the Lada motorhome we recently uncovered. However, this Dacia offers more bang for the buck as it's a bit more upscale.

Specifically, this is a Dacia Dokker fitted out by the Spanish equipment manufacturer Camperiz, and it starts under €20,000 (approx. £17,150 at the current exchange rate) for the European market.

This company, located in Spain's province of Castile-and-León, is transforming the Romanian MPV thanks to a large boot secured to the floor. This kind of preparation is quite common, especially when it comes to upfits for work vehicles such as cargo vans, except that here everything is optimised for living properly while travelling abroad. This model thus contains drawers housing cooking utensils, dishes, cups, and naturally it features a stove, sink, and clean water reserve with a capacity of 25 litres (5.5 gallons).

The layout is quite clever thanks to drawers anchored to the frame and a bed that's mounted high up. Note also the presence of a portable chemical toilet and a refrigerator with a modest capacity of 30 litres (1.06 cubic feet). The top of the living area is where you'll find the bed that's big enough for two people. Once unfolded, the sizeable mattress actually reaches all the way forward to the folded rear seat.

Dacia Dokker Camperiz

For camping adventures with more than two people, a roof tent option is available and is accessible via a folding ladder. And though it's small, a stationary fuel heater will warm occupants camping in colder climates. Built-in shades for the windows can similarly help mitigate the sun's warming rays throughout the day.

Admittedly, the Dacia Dokker by Camperiz is quite small but when it comes to amenities, it has most everything you'd find in a larger motorhome. And unlike those larger vehicles, with the foundation being a compact Dokker minivan, it's far easier to manoeuvre through urban environments. All in all, it's not a bad little camper for a starting price of €19,995.