We are seeing a lot of the next-gen BMW 5 Series recently. The "Electric Test Vehicle" decals and lack of visible exhaust hint this one might be the EV that would go by the i5 moniker.

Regardless of the powertrain, all of the 5 Series development vehicles we are seeing share the same styling. Most notably, there's a downward sloping nose and fairly small kidney grilles by the standards of other current BMWs. The headlights are fairly narrow in the corners of the vehicle's face.

Gallery: BMW i5 Spy Shots

There's a flowing roofline that leads to a sculpted, stubby tail. The 5 Series doesn't appear to adopt the full-width taillights that are a growing trend in automotive styling. Instead, there are small clusters on each side of the rear. 

We don't yet have spy shots of the interior, but we have reason to expect big changes. BMW intends to introduce the next-gen iDrive system from the iX to more models. Photos already show the future 7 Series getting the vast array of screens, and the 5 Series needs to be high-tech too in order to compete in the segment.

The new 5 Series will be available with a variety of powertrains. Like these photos show, there is an EV on the way. Earlier pictures also show a plug-in hybrid. Purely gas- and diesel-fuelled mills should still be on the option sheet, too. Because Europe is pushing to make all new vehicles have zero emissions by 2035, you can expect electrification to be a major focus in the future strategy.

The best estimate for the new 5 Series' debut is an unveiling in the second half of 2022. An estate variant is expected somewhat later.