At this point, it's not even fair to call EVs the future anymore. It's only a matter of time for them to supplant combustion-powered vehicles. As an example of this, watch this drag race between an Audi Q7 V12 TDI and an Audi E-Tron Sportback.

The Q7 packs a diesel-fuelled 6.0-litre V12 making 493 bhp (368 kilowatts) and 738 pound-feet (1,000 Newton-metres) of torque. A six-speed automatic sends the power to an all-wheel-drive system. This model is from Audi's Heritage fleet.

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The E-Tron Sportback has two electric motors making a total of 405 bhp (302 kW) and 490 lb-ft (664 Nm) of torque. While EVs have a tendency to be heavy because of their batteries, this one weighs 190 kilograms (419 pounds) less than the Q7.

The first drag race makes it seem like this is going to be close. The E-Tron gets a bad launch, and the Q7 is able to take an easy win. However, the second and third attempts show this was a fluke because the EV scored two victories.

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The difference is even more noticeable when racing from a roll. The E-Tron doesn't have to deal with changing gears and pulls ahead of the Q7. Above about 100 miles per hour (161 kilometres per hour) the EV's acceleration slows, and the diesel is able to get by. These are go-to-jail-immediately speeds anywhere outside the autobahn, so we can't call it a win for the Q7.

The braking test has a surprisingly close result. The E-Tron wins, but the gap between it and the Q7 is very small. The difference is especially surprising because the EV weighs hundreds of pounds less than the diesel crossover.

The E-Tron looks to get even better in the future. A rumour suggests the upcoming mid-cycle refresh would include an upgraded battery pack and more efficient electric motors. These tweaks will allegedly debut in the second half of 2022.