There are so many Teslas on the roads these days it almost seems like if something interesting happens, there's a TeslaCam recording of it somewhere. 

The YouTube channel "Amanda" posted a wild video of a crazy street fight that evidently took place in Los Angeles. It appears the event may have been the product of an earlier altercation that wasn't recorded on the TeslaCam. 

TeslaCam karate kick
You can see the driver of the red car staring at his side-view mirror, looking at the white car in the distance.

When the recording begins, you can see a white car in the distance that appears to be stopped in the middle of the road blocking the lane of traffic. Right behind and to the right of the Tesla there's a red car and the driver seems to be staring intently at his side-view mirror, looking back at something behind him and he wants to keep an eye on it.

The white car then backs up and speeds up towards the Tesla, stopping just before and to the left of the red car. The woman driver gets out of the white car and races over to the red car, delivering a kick to the rear quarter panel that even Chuck Norris would be proud of. The red car is left with a huge dent.

TeslaCam karate kick

The guy in the red car then jumps out and the woman quickly retreats back to her car in an attempt to flee. However, before she can, the driver of the red car kicks the front of her car and smashes the windshield with his fist. He then throws some punches through the open window passenger side of the vehicle as the passenger tries to fight back.

The white car pulls away and nearly smashes into a Honda Fit that just happened to be passing by the incident on the left. At that point, the Tesla driver also takes off, probably realising that their car is also in danger of being hit by the fleeing white car. 

TeslaCam karate kick

There is obviously more to this incident than we see in the video, even though we probably got to see the best part. What caused the woman to be so enraged? Did the guy in the red car cut her off, causing her to lose control and spin out at the intersection behind this scene?

Maybe that's why her car was sitting sideways across the lane of traffic. Even if that was the case, there was no reason for her to act that way. She's lucky the guy in the red car didn't jump out earlier and attack her as she approached his car. You just don't know who you're messing with - and there are a lot of really crazy people out there.